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. >> the reality many states have limits. >> megyn: new york has seven. >> and some are ten. >> megyn: barack obama wants ten. >> and connecticut, i think the fourth strictest gun law in the country. >> megyn: and now in connecticut proposing one bullet. that might not be so effective for a woman in the crawl space, but go ahead. >> i totally agree with you. the issue, barack obama had two years in his first term of total control of his congress and never touched the gun issue because he knew that it is now becoming a lot more acceptable to protect the second amendment even among democrats. you see that, in heidi hidecamp the democrat in north dakota and the senator from alaska, max baucus from montana, pryor from arkansas. >> harry reid pro gun or close to it. >> and he's been tepid how he responded. >> and public opinion is swinging back now and we'll see whether that staunch support of the gun, you know, lobby is going to continue. >> but public opinion didn't pass the president when he ran through health care and a lot of people were against that. and take the polls in the wake after tragedy th
to say we're going to invest more power in the state and take guns away from law abiding citizens, who feel autonomy when they have them. >> megyn: even if you think that's barack obama's motivation and even if you believe that. >> yes. >> megyn: what would be his motivation for not doing more about the mental health system? i tell you others have come on this program and said it's just overwhelming, i mean, where do you begin? the amount of resources it would take. it's so catastrophic, the state of the mental health system and problems we had to fix, you don't know where to start. >> well, i mean, if i was myself, i would say because psychiatry empowers people, so, if you can take their guns and sense of independence, why would you talk with them, give them back their mental well-being. they're stronger now. it seems the president is intent on in some ways weakening individuals. >> megyn: oh, come on. >> no, i really think that. it's also a complicated issue because if you really want to do the work and not just pontificating and grabbing guns from people because that makes you feel
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)